Monday, April 27, 2009

DigiVegas Podsafe Showcase 005

I feel as if I hit the mother lode with this batch of indie, podsafe music. Please TELL US WHAT YOU LIKE , and we'll do our best to line up an interview with that band.

Download the show's MP3 FILE here.

Acidic - Ironic Dreams CD Baby

Mark Williams - Giving Up Mark Williams CD Baby

Grand Atlantic- She's A Dreamer Grand Atlantic

Miranda Vettrus - Fairytale Miranda Vettrus

Nuk Foo - What We Got

Officer Roseland - Spiders Officer Roseland

Pillar Of Autumn - Carpe Diem

Spy Movie - What Would Morrissey Say Spy Movie

JJ Voss - Joanie The Jehova Witness Stripper J.J. Voss

Brother Jocephus and The Love Revival Revolution Orchestra -

Can't Help Myself

Show Me The Skyline - It's On Me Show Me the Skyline

Underwhelmed - Freak Underwhelmed CD Baby

Lisa Bianco - Sideways Lisa Bianco CD Baby

Judd Starr - Skies Of Orange Fire Judd Starr

Comandante Zero - Give It Up Comandante Zero CD Baby

Lindsay Katt - Wretched Unbelievers Lindsay Katt CD Baby

1 comment: said...

Hi. Thanks so much for playing our song "What We Got" by Nuck Fu. You mispelled the name, but got the web site right. Not a real big deal.

We appreciate it and will pass the word to our friends to give your podcast a listen.