Thursday, July 22, 2010

DigiVegas 164 - I AM NOT FADING!

Having a hard time getting bands to send in their stuff.  Hey, it's summertime, I understand.  They're busy gigging.  I've got 3 kids on summer vacation over here.  I have my hands full too!

Bands, please, send in a RECORDED intro for the song you are submitting.  The audience wants to hear from YOU, not me.  Make it in mp3 format.  Please title it like this:  "(song title)DigiVegasIntro.mp3"  OK?  I need to be able to identify the track. Don't just label it "digivegas".  I already know It's DigiVegas.

Thanks to the following bands for submitting thier tracks this week:

Downtown Mystic - Lost And Found
Taxes - The Shut-In
Beth Trepagnier - The Only Man For Me
Stevie Broc - You Weren't In Love With Me

Download the show's MP3 FILE here.