Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tokyo Blonde - DVI Podcast 087

They met on a Monday morning. It was a rainy winter day and bus number 715 was nowhere in sight. Sydney was new to them. Nikka had arrived from the Mountains, Benny from Goulburn, Megs from the Central Coast, Pete from coal-mining country and Jonny from Paris, City of Light. On Tuesday some mixtapes were exchanged. By Wednesday Nancy Sinatra was slow-dancing with a Daft Punk robot, Tina and Jarvis were putting up a fight, and Karen O was French-kissing Engelbert Humperdinck. On Thursday afternoon a rehearsal room was booked. On Friday night Tokyo Blonde was born.

I love that story!

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

An Album A Month For A Year - Sean Wright on Digivegas #086

Sean Wright

Sean Wright is my guest for DigiVegas episode #086. Wright is a British novelist, songwriter, singer, guitarist, and record producer. He's been around for a very long time, cutting his first record in 1978.

Possibly the most prolific musician in such a short time in musical history. He began writing, recording, and releasing an album-a-month in April 2007. Think about it, 12 songs per album, times 12 albums, equals 144 songs written, arranged, recorded, produced and delivered in 1 year. That's an average of a song every 2 and a half days IF he doesn't take a day off.

You can check out Sean at his WEBSITE or his MYSPACE PAGE

You can purchase CD's of his at,

or you can buy his music at Sean Wright

or you can download mp3's of them (128kbs bitrate) at

You can download the show's MP3 FILE here.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

DVI Podcast 085 - Back After Dawn

AVAILABLE AT: Back After Dawn

Joining me this week are members of the Texas based band BACK AFTER DAWN.

Formed in 2003, B.A.D. has released two full length CD's and have just released their second EP - SCENE SET FIRE.

Join us for some music from the EP, and some conversation with the band on DigiVegas Indie Podcast Episode 085.

You can check out the band on their WEBSITE, or their MYSPACE PAGE.

You can download the show's MP3 FILE here,

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Giving It All Away...Pete MacLeod on DVI Podcast 084

Pete Macleod

Call him crazy, but he's giving it all away.

My guest this week is Scotsman turned Los Angelian, Pete MacLeod. He sometimes fronts the band Star 69, sometimes he does his own solo acoustic thing. He is giving away downloads of his new sole CD, Modern Soul, on his website and his myspace page for anyone who wants it. No strings attached. He has a great philosophy about music, and life in general. I really enjoyed talking with him, and listening to his music. Hope you do to.

Hurry up and get your free tracks now, before he gets signed and his record company makes him stop!

Click here to download the show directly.