Saturday, August 4, 2007


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Friday, August 3, 2007

Get Airplay


Airplay Submission Instructions

DigiVegas is an independent radio station located in, you guessed it, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. DigiVegas is proud to support independent musicians wherever they may be worldwide.

All we ask in return for playing your music on DigiVegas is that you:

!. Tell your friends about DigiVegas.

2. Send us your submission through

SonicBids is a place where any band, from any genre, anywhere in the world, can come to find and connect with any type of music promoter, licensor or broadcaster — easily, effectively, and quickly. The Sonicbids Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is a fast and easy way to send your music, bio, photos, press clips and more to people who book, license or broadcast music (over 18,000 on SonicBids at last count) anywhere in the world. We at DigiVegas feel so strongly that a band needs a well-constructed EPK these days --for their overall exposure, not just for us -- that we require all indie bands to use SonicBids to submit their material for airplay. Sorry if it sounds harsh, but you need to do this if you want to keep up in the 21st century.

In submitting your material for airplay consideration on DigiVegas, you agree to allow us to play it on both the audio stream AND the podcasts, with no expectation of remuneration (royalties, money...) in return.

You retain 100% of all rights to your material and copyright ownership of your original musical works.

3. We also ask that you place a connecting link back to the DigiVegas site from your website.

* MP3 File Specifications

Each MP3 music file submitted should follow the following criteria and specifications:
-MP3's ONLY (no M4A's, WAV's or AIFF's) @ 44100Khz - Stereo & ID3 Tagged
-Preferred bit rate is 256kb/s or higher. Absolute bare minimum is 128 kb/s.

We cannot stress strongly enough the importance of tagging your mp3's properly. Failure to properly tag your mp3's will result in your submission(s) being thrown in the trash. We do not have time to track down the information. We don't have time to do your job for you.

NOTE: No anti-religious, anti-cultural, profane or vilifying content will be accepted.

All content submitted to DigiVegas must be original independent material performed by the person or group submitting the material. OK, you can send cover tunes, but we'll need to see proof that you have properly licensed the work before we'll play it.

That's it. Sorry if it seems like a lot of hoops. Just trying to protect us all...

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


We're out to prove that the only difference between the great indie music you hear on DigiVegas and the stuff you hear on traditional radio stations, is that you just haven't heard of these indie bands... YET!

You will probably be prompted to save the file or to open it with a media player. (Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, Quicktime, Winamp or iTunes)
Choose your favorite, and enjoy!