Sunday, September 30, 2012


Time to assign a substitute blogger.

 As you can see by my lack of posting, I'm kinda busy doing something else. We have literally moved. We have purchased property in central Arizona, 39 point something acres, to be more precise. We are going to be doing the whole "homestead" thing, trying to be as self sufficient as possible. We have spent the past 4 months developing the property. Living in campers for the summer, we are now on solar power, and have our own well. We have just been granted a building permit this week. The backhoes show up in a couple days to start building the foundation.

My wife has started her own blog to chronicle this wonderful, fantastic journey. is where you should turn now, at least for the time being, to witness the development process. I have been and will be so busy, blogging is the last thing on my mind. Once I finish erecting three log homes, two utility sheds, a handful of barns, putting up several miles of fencing, planting a humongous vegetable garden, putting in numerous fruit trees, as well as immeasurable amounts of landscaping, I'll get back to paying attention to new music and bands.  I don't know what my own personal musical journey will look like in that neck of the woods.  Once I get settled, I may just start my own band!  The area is loaded with great musicians and numerous places to play out.  The communities there have a wonderful dedication to the arts, with live music and entertainment taking on a central role.  Summer festivals abound!  So, as far as this podcast and blog are concerned, there will be some major changes, I just don't know what they'll be yet.

  Meantime, My lovely and talented wife, Sharon, will be posting far more regularly than I. She's got a knack for writing that I seem to lack. She also has a great camera, so you'll be able to see it develop in pictures as well.

Thanks, everybody, for understanding. Papa Bear Farms is our new endeaavour.