Thursday, July 22, 2010

DigiVegas 164 - I AM NOT FADING!

Having a hard time getting bands to send in their stuff.  Hey, it's summertime, I understand.  They're busy gigging.  I've got 3 kids on summer vacation over here.  I have my hands full too!

Bands, please, send in a RECORDED intro for the song you are submitting.  The audience wants to hear from YOU, not me.  Make it in mp3 format.  Please title it like this:  "(song title)DigiVegasIntro.mp3"  OK?  I need to be able to identify the track. Don't just label it "digivegas".  I already know It's DigiVegas.

Thanks to the following bands for submitting thier tracks this week:

Downtown Mystic - Lost And Found
Taxes - The Shut-In
Beth Trepagnier - The Only Man For Me
Stevie Broc - You Weren't In Love With Me

Download the show's MP3 FILE here.


Chris B. said...

Haha! My friend's uncle is in downtown mystic, that is so funny that i've come across this podcast...awesome!

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