Friday, April 24, 2009

DigiVegas 136 - Sean Patrick

Sean Patrick Baldwin is a rock/pop/acoustic artist, born and raised in New Jersey. His debut Cd is entitled Invisible. His new CD In The Midst Of The Raging Storm is due out soon. His producer/manager is being really tight about letting anyone hear the new material before the official release date (Sorry [not!] but I had to get that jab in!) , but we are able to play tracks off of Invisible, plus an old one I found that Sean may, or may not want you to hear! ;)

Download the show's MP3 FILE here.

Check out Sean at his WEB SITE and his MYSPACE PAGE.

You can purchase Sean's music at: Sean Patrick


Anonymous said...

we enjoyed your interview with Sean wish we could of heard more.I heard a buzz listening to this interview though.Much enjoyed.

Cindy and Tom Molnar

Paulie Podcaster said...

I'm glad you liked the interview. That buzz was coming from Sean's cell phone. It was creating Radio Frequency (RF) interference with his recording device. Happens all the time with cell phones and audio equipment, especially with those one touch phones, like a Nextel. --Paulie

Anonymous said...

Hello,I listened to this interview thinking this guy has more up his sleeve.Do you have the new stuff from Patrick yet? I'd be interested.

Wayne Thomas,


paulie podcaster said...

As mentioned in the blog, and during the interview, Sean will not release any new songs until his new CD is officially released in late May.