Sunday, December 30, 2007

DVI Podcast 060 - The Ugliest Band In The World


I want to tell everybody about this great podsafe band, The Muggs. They are from Detroit, Michigan, USA. They are entered into competition on a talent contest type show The Next Great American Band, on Fox TV network, Fridays at 8pm. Please help support independent, podsafe music by voting for this band this fall as they reach for the stars.

Here's a link to this web site, where you can get a copy of their latest CD. Hurry! Before it sells out!

Here's a link to their performance on last Friday's show. (Thanks to Jasper, from the Plan Nine Rock Show podcast)

Here's a link to the show's MP3 FILE.

Here are links to the other music I played this week:

The Marlas - Forehead

The Eisenhowers - I'm The Song (you can get three more free Eisenhowers tracks here.)

The Clintons - Sleep Like You

Chasing Jonah - Near Your Heart

Podcast promos played this week: The Chillcast, and American Talk USA

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