Sunday, December 30, 2007

DVI Podcast 047 - B-Sides & Misc.

I had to revert to the old show format this week. The band I had lined up decided NOT to release to me mp3's of the songs we were going to play, choosing instead to re-record the vocals, remix, and get back to me next week. As disappointing and inconvenient as this is, I completely understand. Personally, I would not want to release a product until I knew it was "just right". I don't have any other interviews "in the can" and ready to move up in the rotation, so I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to play some of the music from past interview-ees that didn't make it on their respective episodes. One, though is a song that I have grown to love that already was on an episode, and I did add one extra tune on the end from a band that I would loooooove to have on the show.


Bang The Mantra - Satisfied (from DVI 040)
Gary Alexander (from DVI 039) - Bayou Love Song
Todd Lerner (from DVI 013) - I quit, and I Stole A Little Kiss
Wind Is Mindblowing (from DVI 045) - Dreams and Broken Hearts Don't Run Away
The Big Beat Battalion (from DVI 043) - Tell You Something
Polka Floyd - How I Wish For A Beer

Here's a direct link to the show's mp3 file.

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