Monday, September 7, 2009

Digivegas 152 - Doop and The Inside Outlaws


It's nice to keep in touch with all the bands I've interviewed over the years. Don Duprie emailed me a week or so ago to tell me about the release of his new CD, Everett Belcher. Naturally, we just had to get him on the show again. (check out his first appearance on the show on episode 095)
It seems perfectly appropriate that this episode be posted on Labor Day. As Doop's own bio says: "Detroit has always been known for its thriving music scene and diverse musical artists... the city has consistently produced music that has captured the hard-working-harder-playing essence of the “Motor City.”

Embodying this hard-working spirit is singer-songwriter Don “Doop” Duprie and The Inside Outlaws... Doop now conveys that same work ethic and honesty in all aspects of his musical career as a full-time singer/songwriter..."

Check out our conversation, as well as tracks of the new album on this episode of Digivegas!

Download here.

Check out Doop's WEB SITE and MYSPACE PAGE.

Purchase the music at: Doop & The Inside Outlaws

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