Wednesday, August 5, 2009

DigiVegas 148 - 8 Ball Aitken

8 ball aitken

This week my guest is the very first banana picker I've ever had on the show. Yeah, you read that correctly. This guy is from the far north of Queensland, Australia, and he literally grew up on a plantation.

8 Ball Aitken is a country, blues & roots musician who is notable for his fusion of country music with the genres of Australian blues and roots music. He's working on promoting his third CD this summer, Rebel With A Cause, touring the US and Canada. We tracked him down, somewhere in the woods, along the highway in Maine. We're going to get him to pull over and have a little chat with him, and play some tunes off the new CD.

Download the show's MP3 FILE here.

You can find 8 Ball Aitken on his WEB SITE and his MYSPACE PAGE

His music can be purchased at: 8 Ball Aitken

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