Monday, July 13, 2009

DigiVegas podsafe Showcase 014

TELL US WHAT YOU LIKE by leaving a comment on our Podcast Alley page. Give me a better idea what bands you want to hear more of, and I'll do my best to get them on the show for an interview.

Some people have complained that they don't trust that their email address (which is required in order for your vote to count) won't be used for spamming purposes. Trust me. I've been with Podcast Alley since February 2006, and NOT ONCE has anyone's email been used by them for anything other than vote verification purposes. It's totally safe. That's why I use them.

Download the show's MP3 FILE here.

Ana Popovic - Get Back Home To Me Ana Popovic CD Baby
Asatron - Ashes In My Tears
Darren Fisher - On A Roll Darren Fisher
The Mighty Blue Ford - Thinkin'
Secret Pop Band - Sunday's Hard Rock Falls Secret Pop Band CD Baby
- Elephants Warpaint

Griffin Anthony - Sleepy Sunday Griffin Anthony CD Baby
Dave Patten - Just Don't Care Dave Patten
Lounge Fly - Happy Bubble Lounge Fly

Five Floors Up - Lately
Lisa Redford - I Love You Wherever You Are Lisa Redford
Pamela Brennan - Dream Pamela Brennan CD Baby
Jennings - Doorway Jennings CD Baby
Angie Nussey
- You Test Me Angie Nussey CD Baby

Tea & Biscuits - Wish You Well

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