Wednesday, July 1, 2009

DigiVegas 144 - Dala

Dala Pic
My guest this week is Sheila Carabine (left) from Dala, an acoustic duo from Toronto, Canada. These two best friends have brought their signature style of acoustic pop music to audiences across Canada. This summer you can catch Dala at a number of festivals across Canada and the USA, most notably at the 50th anniversary of the legendary Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island. In fact, Dala are the only Canadian act on the bill. Their fourth record "Everyone Is Someone" is just recently release in June. You can hear songs from it, as well as hear us talk about some of our favorite movies, on this episode of Digivegas.

Download the show's MP3 FILE here.
Dala can be found at their WEB SITE and their MYSPACE PAGE.
Dala's previous works can be found at CD Baby:
DALA: Who Do You Think You Are DALA: Angels and Thieves DALA: This Moment is a Flash

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Anne said...

Hi Paulie!

Thank you so much for featuring Dala on your blog. We will gladly post a link on our MySpace page! Reach out to me at the below email and we will make arrangements. Thanks for the support.