Thursday, February 12, 2009

DigiVegas 126 - National Ghost

My guests this week are member s of the Detroit based band National Ghost. you might remember them individually from previous endeavors: Kunundrum, Weathered Tone, Vietnam Prom, Penumbrae, Stash, Some People’s Children, Thunderharp Choir and Robb Roy. With such a great deal of musical experience among them, it's easy to understand why they are dubbed a "super-group" by Local film maker Jim Bonner.

The band’s debut disc features 14 tracks of original eclectic rock and pop that borrow liberally from every type of genre you could imagine. ....Americana...., country, funk, reggae, jam, prog-rock, blues—like some tasty musical smoothie; it’s an energized and powerful blend.(Metro Times)

You can check out National Ghost at their WEBSITE, or on their MYSPACE PAGE.

Download the show's MP3 FILE here.

National Ghost's CD can be purchased at: National Ghost

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