Friday, November 21, 2008

DigiVegas 117 - No Interview, Just Great Music

Download the show's MP3 FILE here.

The Eisenhowers - Gathering Dust The Eisenhowers

Win a free copy of The Eisenhowers' new CD Film Your Own Atrocities, by being the first to answer the trivia question contained in the podcast (Come on, it's easy!)

National Ghost - King Of The Thrill

American Zeros - Beautiful Heartbreak American Zeros

Black Angel - Kiss It

Illusion 33 - Words In Stereo Illusion 33

Sonic Bliss - Sahara Sonic Bliss

Big Beat Battalion - Jabberjaw

Dot Dot Dot - Stay Dot Dot Dot

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Serali said...

Hey Paulie, thanks -as always- for the support.