Wednesday, October 22, 2008

DigiVegas 113 - The Silentreatment

My guest this week is from Wilkes-Barre PA, The Silentreatment. Blending radio-friendly rock rhythms with the band’s own mixture of harder melodies and fluent chord progressions, The Silentreatment combines its old school rock and metal influences with a modern pop approach to deliver a fresh, unique version of edgy, sexy rock.

Listen to episode 113 of DigiVegas to hear tracks off their debut CD: Sinful Acts Of Audio.

Download the show's MP3 FILE here.

Check out their WEB SITE or their MYSPACE PAGE

You can buy Sinful Acts of Audio at and: The SilenTreatment

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great interview Paulie! I'm a BIG fan of the band and was really happy to hear them on a more personal note.
xx Maggie