Thursday, July 24, 2008

OUR 100th EPISODE!!!

celebrates it's 100th episode!

What better way to celebrate the 100 show of an interview program than by sitting down and having a few drinks with a member of a band named Dialog, eh? Get it?

Dialog: A Conversation between two or more persons.

George George, the bassist joins me for one of the most entertaining conversations I've had since interviewing The Big Beat Battalion on episode 043,

George is a snappy dresser (he's the one wearing the kilt), a tremendous bass player, and an all around great guy. BUT BE WARNED: HE CURSES LIKE A SAILOR! So don't listen to this anywhere or in a way that could get you into trouble (around kids, sensitive adults, at work, etc.) Don the ear buds or earphones, or what have you, and enjoy music and conversation with Dialog from the London area. They rock!

Doenload the show's MP3 FILE here.

Check out Dialog at their MYSPACE PAGE.

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