Sunday, December 30, 2007

California Bluegrass - Dvi Podcast 068 - Interview with Cliff Wagner And The Old Number 7

I'm really starting to enjoy this relationship I'm building with Fox. I like the show The Next Great American Band and all, but I'm always left unsatisfied. I never get to see a band for more than a few seconds during interview footage, and only for a minute and a half while they're on stage. Granted, they have a lot of ground to cover in a very short amount of time, so I'm happy to be able to talk to these bands as long as we want here on the podcast.

My guests this week are members of Cliff Wagner and the Old Number 7. I was very surprised they were voted off the show so soon. I thought they definitely had the talent and the chops to make it much further than they actually did. I think their rendition of "Poison Ivy" was great. I really liked the way they turned Billy Joel's "You May Be Right" into something of their own.

Cliff, Devitt, and Craig join me for episode 068. You can download the show's MP3 FILE here. (right click and "save as...")

Their Website, and their Myspace Page.

And finally, I don't go much for special shows, like holiday specials, or year-end retrospectives, so I won't bore you with one of those. I do want to say to everyone though: Have a merry Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate. Also, have a happy and prosperous New Year.


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